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Mnask Academy

Manasak e-Learning Academy is an open electronic platform for education and training in the field of Islamic sciences, prepared and supervised by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In its current version, the platform supports eight languages ​​(Arabic, English, Turkish, Indonesian, Hausa, French, Urdu, Bengali).

All courses and courses offered by the Academy are prepared and reviewed by the Ministry and are available to members free of charge.

Participation in training programs requires pre-registration of the beneficiary and at the end of each program there is a short test for the course. Upon completion of the course a certificate awarded.

Featured Courses

Pillars of Islam
5 lessons
Hajj and Creed
5 lessons
Bear witness that I have forgiven them
5 lessons

Mobile Application

With mnask academy apps on smart devices, you can attend courses more easily and sync with the web version.

  • Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    By the Success of Allah ﷻ , The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented a series of modern programs to explain the rituals of the Manasik in number of different ways and languages. The Academy project is specialised in the spreading of the knowledge of rulings and the provisions of Hajj, Umrah and Visit, this is completed with new technical projects aimed at upholding the words of the Prophet ﷺ "Take from me your rites (i.e Hajj)". The Academy will contribute by simplifying the information so it becomes clear, concise and enables the guests of the Most Merciful to learn via distance learning, through technology, media, and online social media . This will allow them to keep abreast of the rapid development of technology and the services of awareness and guidance. This is in line with the aspirations of the rulers and the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is to serve the pilgrims through various modern methods. We ask Allah ﷻ to facilitate the pilgrims in performing their duty in a convenient and easy manner and I ask Allah to bring together the institutions and sectors that carry out the required efforts of all in accordance with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince "May Allah ﷻ support them both"

    Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh
  • Deputy Minister for Mosques, Da'wah and Guidance

    We welcome you to the “Manasik Academy project” through which we offer awareness facilities in a new way so that Muslims around the world can acquire the necessary knowledge to perform the rituals and what is associated with the pilgrimage upon the reliable information. It supervised, prepared and presented by a group of distinguished scholars and from the Islamic awareness and guidance department in Hajj and Umrah. It is produced according to Islamic principles and technical standards of high precision and professional quality. We ask God Almighty to grant the group who prepared this effort success, help and righteousness. Also many thanks to all the esteemed participants for their active participation in this new service, hoping to support everyone to introduce this virtual educational academy and communicate with the ministry to ensure the development and upgrading of the service.

    Dr. Tawfiq bin Abdul Aziz as-Sudairy

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Advantages of E-training in the Academy

  • Completely free

    Registration, all educational materials, tests and certificates of electronic attendance are completely free.

  • Exceptional and reliable educational materials

    Educational sources on the religious rituals of the academy. Reliable and accredited by the most important official reference authorities.

  • Flexible times

    Any day and any time, morning or evening, you can record attendance and continue preparation.

  • Multiple languages

    Multiple languages, E-Academy courses and programs are offered in eight languages to date.

  • Supports all systems

    You can start and complete your training on all supported platforms (mobile, tablets, web, self-service devices)


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