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About The Academy

  • Our vision

    To contribute to the development of awareness services for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims

    so it becomes clear and available around the clock through means of communication and technology and digital media in various ways and renewed and different languages.


    Our Message

    We seek to reach the largest possible section of those who wish to attain the knowledge of Hajj rituals

     To contribute in explaining the rulings and duties of the Hajj and Umrah in a modern manner through many languages utilising  the  various teachers from the  department of Islamic awareness in Hajj Umrah and visiting guidance.


    Our Goals

    -  Explaining the five pillars of Islam with special focus on the fifth pillar Hajj

    -  Spreading information and rulings regarding the performing of Hajj and Umrah

    -  Promoting the honouring and the status of the sacred Haram

    Promoting a culture of respect for regulations and Guidelines

    Using a variety of different  techniques to explain the rituals.