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A new vision to explain the Manasik

A new vision to explain the Manasik

3:25 am Friday 5th Dhu al-Qi'dah 1438 H

Sheikh Talal bin Ahmed Al-Aqeel, Advisor to the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance, explained that the idea of the Manasak Academy project was launched from the vision of His Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, who also directs the need to develop all the ministry's work and awareness programs for pilgrims in particular. This vision was received by His Excellency Deputy Minister Dr. Tawfiq bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudairy, who pointed out the need to focus on new means of disseminating information, including distance education.


The Academy has launched its first edition in the eight most important languages ​​required by official statistics. This is so it can become the standard educational platform specialised in raising awareness for pilgrims and spreading the knowledge of rituals through technical programs, innovation and specialisation in explaining the sciences of rituals. The rulings and services of the 5th pillar  (Hajj) from the Academy are made available to pilgrims all the year round. This is to ensure benefit to the pilgrims inside and outside as well as all citizens and residents who want to know the rulings of Hajj, Umrah and visit in different countries of the world through social networks, the Internet and smart phones, and through various mobile devices and tablets.



Lastly a big appreciation to the preachers who participated in the preparation of the knowledge material and lessons, they are among the most distinguished scholars and preachers specialised in raising awareness for the pilgrims. They have extensive experience in explaining the knowledge of law and academic education. They are from the most prominent advocates of Islamic awareness in Hajj and Umrah and visiting in Saudi Arabia. The scholars and preachers have all previously studied and graduated from Saudi universities obtaining degrees in the field of Sharia and doctrine and jurisprudence. Many of the preachers were suggested by their Ministries outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.