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Manasak Academy and Partners of Success

Manasak Academy and Partners of Success

3:25 am Friday 5th Dhu al-Qi'dah 1438 H

The Executive Director of the Academy, Sheikh Talal bin Ahmed Al-Aqeel, said that the Manasak Academy has received the full support of His Excellency Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance, and the Deputy Minister for Mosques, Advocacy and Guidance Dr. Tawfiq bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudairy. They kindly requested the that the required services of the Academy in the required languages ​​be completed quickly, so to become the first educational awareness project specialised in explaining the knowledge of manasik to people. Also, to contribute to the propagating of all rulings on the rituals and guidance of Hajj and Umrah and visit to offered its services to the pilgrims and others who want to know information related to the 5th pillar of Islam (Hajj) from various continents and countries of the Islamic world and the Internet through the World Wide Web and through various devices and networks ..



The preparation of the articles and lessons included a number of scholars and preachers who specialise in this area and who have accumulated extensive experience in the knowledge go Hajj. They are all accredited within the members of the Islamic awareness in Hajj and Umrah and visits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry supports outside the Kingdom distinguished preachers who previously studied in Saudi universities and obtained degrees in the field of Sharia, faith and jurisprudence.

The number of participants in the preparation of the lessons has exceeded 40 specialists who contributed in the preparation of more than 1000 lessons and television episodes in 8 international languages. ​​This is within a series of interrelated programs provided by the Ministry to teach Muslims the correct ways of the Prophet's Sunnah for this blessed journey.



The Advisor to the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance Sheikh Al-Aqeel said that the foundation of Mr. Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Charity is a founding partner in the support of this outstanding project and  one of the national institutions supporting the advocacy sectors in a remarkable manner , we emphasize the importance of joint cooperation that achieves the desired results.

Mr. Al-Aqeel expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for their continuous cooperation with the Ministry, praising the fruitful coordination with its Executive Director, Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Naqli.


Al-Aqeel concluded by stressing that the collective work has its beneficial effects and its good results. In light of the fact that the ministry under the guidance of His Excellency the Minister and His Excellency the Deputy Minister, he stressed the importance of working in a team and ensuring extending the bridges of communication with all sectors in order to achieve the required integration and to promote among Muslims the  the work of da’wah, the Quran, the Sunnah, the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge with its concepts and the prophetic biography with modern means and languages of the world. All of this is to be promoted in a manner of modération with the concept of compassion, cooperation, love, good values and good manners..